Monday, November 16, 2009

Sun Sun Go Away Come Again in 4 Months

The weather in Northeast Ohio has been less than terrible for ducks, sunny with highs of 60-65 has been the forecast the last two weeks. I have seen minimal numbers of mallards and no migrating birds. Although the weather is supposed to turn in the next few days I am hoping for a couple cold fronts to push the birds out of here that have been here all year. Three weekends ago while hunting in a local honey hole, my buddies and I saw three massive flocks of Tundra Swans which we figured meant there was some very cold weather headed our way, however that seemed to slip around us, and I don't even need to wear my wader jacket in the swamp because I start to sweat. Hopefully the weather moves and out we get some cold overcast days, so I can get myself a limit. Good luck to all fellow waterfowlers and hit em in the lips!

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