Thursday, January 7, 2010

Michigan Waterfowl (LP)

01/07/2010 Fennville Unit Geese 16,000 Ducks 6000 Mallards Only

Still in a deep freeze! We have lost all our lakes to ice with the exception of the Great Lakes. Most of the rivers are starting to freeze shut as well. The Fennville Unit is still holding good numbers of Geese & Ducks. Ducks are closed for the season as of 01/03/2010. Geese will remain open until the end of January. The Fennville Unit is loosing Geese by the week, with all the cold weather. We haven't had a day over 28 degrees for almost a month now. We have lost 3,600 geese in the last week. Our birds are having a tough time with all the snow on the ground. We currently have a snow base of 16 inches. We shot some geese this afternoon, they are putting the feed bag on pretty hard right now. The birds killed today had crops packed full of corn. Good news is next week is looking to be in the mid 30's. We are going to need it if we want to hold on to what birds are left. Just a little tip to the guys south of Michigan, these birds coming down have been hunted real hard up here. Try cluck moan, single clucks, double cluck one call while the others growl. If you get on these birds hard they will blow your spread.

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