Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunshine State Birds

Finally, after weeks of cold up north and numerous snow storms, the ducks are finally starting to make their way into Florida. We're seeing new arrivals daily but the action is still very spotty. The inability of farmers to the north to get their crops out of the ground combined with the snow storms has left plenty of available food for the birds; making their usual migration unwarranted.

We are seeing some good numbers of blue bills and redheads coming down the east coast, and plenty of teal are here. Shovelers are everywhere (not that I like or want to shoot them) and they do make a nice mount. We're still getting some pintails and widgeon as well.

Hoping this last push brings down more gaddies, green wings and the rest of the puddlers that seem to be short stopping to our north.

This weekend met with cold clear skies and a stiff northerly breeze that kept the birds in the air for the better part of the mornings. Myself, Pro Staffer Andy Dennison and a few friends managed mixed bag limits both Saturday and Sunday of blue winged teal, mottled ducks (Florida Mallard), black bellied whislters, ringnecks, and fulvous duck.

Lots more duck hunting to come in the final 4 weeks. We'll keep you posted. Until next time, may you catch 'em with their feet down and shoot em in the lips boys!

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