Monday, February 1, 2010

Duck Season over Time for the Geese

Well this was the worst possible weekend for it to decide to dump snow, ice and sleet all over the mid south. Since I am still shopping for a truck that has off road capabilities I was unable to leave my house. It was just too dangerous for me to leave in a rear wheel drive vehicle when everything is coated in ice. I talked to everyone I could that did hunt though.
My friends in Wynne Arkansas killed 40 something for the weekend, and a few people tried to hunt east Tennessee but the ice was too thick for these skinny guys to break. I shot a wood duck off of my back porch while cooking steaks(my mom asked me to cook steaks on the grill so i decided to take my gun in case some Canadians or woodies got up off of my neighbors pond and they did but only one wood duck made the mistake to get close enough)

Since I had nothing better to do I went ahead and made 100 new Texas rags to add to my decoy spread this weekend I am not one with great amounts of money so a giant full body spread isn't an option all though i would love to have one! My snow goose spread includes: Texas rags, shells, silhouettes that lay on the ground as well as ones that stand up so that the geese never lose sight of them even when flying over head. Hopefully a few of my good friends will join me and we will ave a good time trying to kill some snow geese.
Cade Patton

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