Monday, February 1, 2010

WV Season End

Well it is a sad, sad time. The WV waterfowl season is now over. On a good note, we had a great season. We finished this past weekend with 9 Geese and 6 Ducks bringing the total to 64 ducks and 32 geese. I have hunted in Eastern WV for 10 years now and this year held the best variety of ducks that we have ever seen. Our bag included GWT, Woodies, Black Ducks, Widgeon, and Mallards. It may not sound like a lot to some but prior to 2008 we only had Mallards and Mergansers with the occasional Black Duck. The Black Ducks were everywhere this year. This is a good sign for the years coming...hopefully. It seems like they are making somewhat of a comeback. This was also the first year that we have seen Teal in our area. The Blue Winged Teal moved out fast during early season as expected but the Green Winged Teal stayed all season and are still there. We have had a pair of Widgeon before but this year they came in decent numbers during the late season. The goose hunting was also good. Early season goose was excellent and we had a good finisher during the last two days to close out the WV waterfowl season. Now it is time to break out the fishing gear. Deep Dropping for Blueline Tilefish is right around the corner and Tuna will be soon after that.

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