Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 2010 Featured Member

Gabe Dutenhoeffer Aberdeen, SD

My first hunt took place when I was around the age of 8 when my dad took me out the first time. Ever since that day Ive been hooked for life. Ill never forget that day it was one of the best days of my life. I think my old man thought of me as a labrador retriever LOL cause all I wanted to do was retrieve all the ducks that he either sailed or punished in the decoys. He purchased my first shot gun for me when I was 10 which was a single shot 20 gauge which I still have in my gun case today. Ive been a guide now for the past 8 years for one of our local resorts and I cant tell you enough how much I enjoy meeting new people every year who are passionate about this sport we call duck hunting. Just in the past year I have gotten a promotion and have became the Head Huntsman which takes away from some of the guiding aspects of it, but when I get the oppertunity here and there to get out, believe me I never pass it up.
My favorite thing about waterfowl hunting would have to be the calling and the setting of the decoys. To know that I can out wit these little rascals gets me fired up everytime, nothing is better then seeing that duck or goose set and committed to your calling and spread.
The favorite part about Duck Junkies is that they strive in themselves of not being selfish in anykind of way. To know someone that is passionate and committed in the conservation in our future of hunting is huge in my eyes. To give 10% of their earnings to charities or conservation organizations is great. Not only for us right now but for the next generations coming and nothing is greater then that. That gets a huge HIGH FIVE from me.

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