Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snow goose update/ North Dakota

In the last couple weeks there has been a big push of snow geese(thousands) into North Dakota. The SE part of the state is a major flyway for the snow geese on their migration back north to breed. Find where there is a decent amount of sheet water from the snow melt and you will find the snows. The far SE part of the state has massive amounts of sheet water this year which is a double edged sword. It attracts the geese but makes the hunting very difficult. The geese are pretty much just moving from sheet water to sheet water, which consists of 1/4- 1 section of land completely flooded, and the harvested fields from last fall are very muddy. This in turn makes it very hard to get them to decoy into a field set-up. The number of juvenile snow geese seems to be down this spring, so we are mainly dealing with very smart older birds.

Also you have to be very careful when traveling the back roads looking for geese. The water run off has flooded out many bridges and culverts. Also the ditches are beyond full and a crash into one of them has already caused the death of one local woman I went to school with growing up. So just drive a little slower and keep your eyes open and on the roads.

The reports( a little farther west ) I have heard that were good have come from areas with a normal amount of sheet water in the fields. The best set-up I have found is to find a small to medium sized sheet water pothole in a cut corn field that the snows having been feeding in and set decoys from the edge of the water fanning out into the field. You will want to be within a mile or two of some of the main roost waters. Also add some flyer decoys to really seal the deal.

If you want to hunt snow geese in ND now is the time to get them as the temperatures are getting unseasonably warm already, and they won't sit around too long.

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