Thursday, June 17, 2010

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum

Core Sound in southeastern North Carolina is known for two things: fishing and waterfowl hunting. In 2000, after years of acquiring permits and raising funds, the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum was opened on Harker's Island, NC across from the Cape Lookout National Seashore. It's mission was to "establish a facility that will enhance the community, state, and region by creating a resource which brings together the historical, cultural, artistic, environmental, and educational elements needed to preserve the rich waterfowl heritage of eastern North Carolina associated with the Core Sound Area" ( The museum itself sits on a spit of land that sticks out into Core Sound, an area littered with blinds and famous in North Carolina for its duck hunting. Outside, there is a boat-building exhibit and a 4 acre freshwater waterfowl habitat area containing hiking trails and viewing platforms developed using the expertise of Ducks Unlimited as well as many other wildlife habitat organizations. The planks of the large, wrap-around porch contain plaques that members can dedicate to family or friends when donations are made to fund the many outreach and youth programs the museum sponsor. Two years ago, my father dedicated a plank to my brother and I (his "huntin' buddies") and it is a great way to support the waterfowl heritage while honoring those people that mean the most to you. When you enter the building, the sights and sounds of duck hunting surround you. The exhibits show how life on the Core Sound was when inhabitants engaged in subsistence hunting and fishing, and have a full-size model of a decoy carver's workshop built into the room with examples of every hand-carved, hand-painted decoy possible displayed on the walls. Along with their annual Decoy Festival in the fall, the museum also holds a Junior Duck Stamp competition as well as a waterfowl weekend for the community. The museum truly has something for every aged waterfowler and a definite destination for the family any time of the year. Halfway between seasons duck junkies need to get our fix somehow, and visiting this place and others like it can not only give us an appreciation for our waterfowling community but also encourage us to get involved in conservation efforts for the future of waterfowl.

Jessica Idol
Duck Junkies Pro Staff
North Carolina

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