Monday, June 14, 2010

Suggested NC Set Up (also on website)

Here are a few decoy suggestions for the NC area:
Divers: 3-5 doz total.
Puddle Ducks: 2-4 doz total.

Divers decoy suggestions:
3 doz bluebills,
1 doz redheads,
1/2 doz buffleheads,
1/2 doz ring necks

Puddle Duck Suggestions:
1/2 doz mallards
1/2 doz wood ducks
1 doz blue/green wing teal
1/2 doz widgeon
1 doz pintail
1/2 doz black ducks

Geese Suggestions:
1 doz floaters
2 - 4 doz field full bodies

I use all Avery Green Head Gear Brand Decoys. I buy them at:
Or any place I can find the best deal.

I use a mix of gang line rigs and regular weight systems.

I swear by standing decoy bags, they help you move fast and keep your deeks secure. They provide easy, hands free use, while in the boat or on the bank.

Rig them right decoys weights are sweet for the puddle ducks. I dont like them for the divers because water depth can vary so much and the rounded weights tumble along the bottom in a steady wind.

Just a few ideas/thoughts to get the juices flowing.

Get out and prep your gear, the season is around the corner.

Josh Bourne
Duck Junkies Pro Staff
North Carolina (NC)

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