Monday, December 21, 2009

Mallard Migration Status

Even though duck season is over for some of us, the season is still open for our fellow hunters to the south! Good luck guys (and gals!).

Every week, over 100 biologists, wildlife managers and other experts rank the progress of mallard migration in their areas.

Check out the link:

These rankings do not depict mallard abundance; they indicate the relative progression of the fall migration. Estimated peak numbers of mallards may be lower or higher than average numbers during previous years due to annual variations in local wetland and environmental conditions. As a result, a dark color does not necessarily mean that lots of mallards are present in that region

These maps depict real time estimates of migration without the benefit of waiting until the completion of migration before providing assessments. Some variation in results may also occur depending on the number of experts reporting for a given week.

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