Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The good news is...

Well with all the rain we had last week we went out to hunt some flooded fields. Man it was slow at first but around 9am the ducks started to fly we decoyed a pair of mallards and my partner and I pull up to take the shot when I drop my duck and his duck is hit hard and I watch it sail off and go down across the field. We set out across the flooded field and start to get close to where I thought the duck fell and noticed my partner was walking way to fast in a flooded field. I thought I should tell him to slow down when all of the sudden he goes completely under. He stepped in a ditch and the worst thing is he dropped his gun. Now his gun is at the bottom of a ditch that is over his head with no way to get it out and he is soaking wet we had to leave and not get anymore ducks. The good news is that the water went back down now and he found his gun today.

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