Monday, December 21, 2009

Tough times in Oklahoma

After finally getting some new ducks in just about everything that could go wrong did. Spent the weekend of the split scouting and let me tell ya, man we found the ducks. Found an area holding a couple of thousand teal and several hundred mallards. We were really optimistic about the opener of the second season. A couple of days before though we had a big cold front move in. Most of the water where we had found the ducks was frozen the day before we were set to hunt. After breaking through ice with the boat though, we found the perfect spot. A large area where the water was not frozen with great cover on the bank. Oh yea, and about a thousand ducks. So we get to the boat ramp in plenty of time, motor out to our spot, and wouldn't you know it, someone was already set up where we wanted to hunt. So know we have to change the game plan. We move to the hole we had originally wanted to hunt and started breaking all the ice with the boats. After we are satisfied with our efforts we set up decoys. Once on the bank we realize that cover was sparce. So we started building a blind out of buckbrush. After getting the blind about as good as it was gonna get we set up and hoped for the best. Right off the ducks started flying into the hole. Singles and doubles mostly we started dropping everything that came into the NO FLY ZONE. Thinking everything was going our way, we hit a snag. After the sun got up the ducks were seeing us, and the Mojo had stopped working with the white side of the wings up. The Mojo was in to deep of water to reach, so we decided to relocate to another hole about ten minutes away. Afterall that's what the Duck Commander would do. Get all the decoys loaded up and we're off. As soon as we made it too our other hole we see that someone is set up in it already. Not being the kind to give up we move to a spot where we had jumped some mallards on the way over. After being in there about an hour we had shot one teal and the birds just were not flying, so we called it a day. I guess next time we better get to the hole a little earlier.

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