Thursday, February 25, 2010



Bigfoot decoys have and continue to be the decoy by which all others are measured. They are the most durable by far and the United States as well as Canada are covered with them. No one at BigFoot including owner and waterfowl icon Art Ladehoff will ever settle for second best. So when I tell you we put these shells through some of the windiest and coldest days I can remember on a trip to Manitoba last October, you can be rest assured they were put through the ringer! What we found were shells that were well designed and did not "roll over" in the wind. We never chased one of these shells anywhere. Two models are available. The resting shells are beautiful with flocked heads and tail feathers. They can be easy and securely stacked. In the field they were incredibley life like and added demension to our full body set up. The resting heads up shell has a detachable head, stackable shell and other heads from Bigfoot full bodies can be matched to this shell. An excellent feature to mix and match shells and full bodies. As with all BigFoots they are extremly durable with excellent paint schemes including superior attention to detail in areas like the breast, head and feather layering. The new BigFoot shells stand Head and Tail feathers above all the rest. Once you see them, you'll be shell shocked!

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terry said...

About time!!! can't wait see them