Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey, it has been warming up, nearlly in the 50's. Its nice. But we have a problem a big one to. Its flooding real bad. We have roads blocked off and shopping centers are closing and many places are puting sand bags up. The snow goose hunting hasnt really been in full effect yet. The canadians are coming back and there are a bunch of them. We've been doing some scouting and we've seen some but not enough to where we now that there going to be there again. So thats taking a slow start. Turkey hunting is just right around the corner. Ive been practicing the ol calls and getting used to them agian. Been making some turkey fans from the ones i shot last year. Tomorrow morning i might go and see if i can hear some, and see if possibly find umm. It will be an interesting turkey season for norther Iowa and parts of it, from the floodings. The water will probably push the birds to higher ground and out of the river bottums. Well i hope that every body is have fun and enjoy wut they have for hunting seasons and hope they have a good one!

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