Friday, March 12, 2010

Wisconsin Jellyheads Comin Up

Hey boys for all of you that live here in Wisconsin with me and didnt have the advantage of burnin off a couple rounds on some spring snows have probably built up quite the itchy trigger finger over these long winter months. I know I have. And now would be a good time to bust out Ol' Betsy, the pump 10 gauge thats been passed down for many generations, oiler up. Get those couple of your favorite decoys out and dusted off. And Ol' Betsy on the mark. Because its just about that time of year again. Time to start cleanin up on your clucks and peeps and yelps. Get the week off work. And head where the daybreaking gobblin is. As its time to start settin your sights on spring turkey season. Its only about a month away for us old farts and a couple days sooner for the young guns. Lookin forward to a good hunt with a lucky first season draw. The dates are listed below. Good Luck guys!Let me know how it goes.

A-- April 14- April 18
B-- April 21- April 25
C-- April 28-May 2
D-- May 5- May 9
E-- May 12- May 16
F-- May 19- May 23
Youth Hunt-- April 10- April 11

Jared Danke, Prostaff, Central WI

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