Thursday, March 11, 2010

California Turkey Hunt

Hello Fellow DuckJunkies,
After an awesome waterfowl hunt this year, you always look forward to the next year and apply the things that you learn. For me, as I put away my duck decoys and hang my waders up, all I can think about is Spring Turkey. I was introduced to turkey hunting about 6 years ago. I have to say, If I was not a die hard duck hunter, this would be my #1 passion. March 27th cannot get here soon enough as that marks the beginning of the California Spring Turkey season. The thing I enjoy the most while turkey hunting is having that "moment" with a mature Tom. The moment he responds to your hen call, its on. I love being able to interact with him and almost be able to have a converstation with him. The first Tom I was able to bag was in my first season. I was a novice caller, but what I did seemed to work. Once I worked him into the decoys, I was fortunate enough to have him hang around. I had an easy shot, but was rather taken back at him parading around, his face changing colors, and stomping his feet. This was what being a sportsman was all about. Being in "their" environment, "their" territory. I had to hold my father in law back a few times from shooting as I just wanted to talk to him and watch him. Any true sportsmen and outdoorsmen that has hunted turkeys knows what this feels like. I hope my luck this year has been as good as it has in the past.

I have been scouting new spots as I always like to venture out of my comfort zone and try new areas. If there are any DuckJunkies that are in Northern California, and would like to go out turkey hunting, let me know. Even if you have never went, I have the gear, lets go.

Hope to talk to you all soon.


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