Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow geese

Lots of snow geese in the Twin Falls Area today. We hunted up there and also Northern Utah this last weekend. When we finally got a flock to come into us it was over 10000 birds. Shoot fast and accurate! My 3 shells landed me 7 birds. We had 4 shooters total that killed 25 birds. Snow geese and lesser snow geese along with a lot of Ross geese. No fat hardly found on any of the birds. Also they where smaller in size than the others taken last year. With the overpopulation in Canada and Alaska Tundra you can sure tell they are struggling. Rumor has it that Canada is going to "gas" nesting grounds this year to reduce the population. I would sure rather hunt them if that the case. I will be going out for the last day this week also. Hope it goes well!!!

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