Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hello fellow junkies. Just got back from a visit to the Big Foot decoy factory in Clinton, Iowa. It was crazy there today as hundreds of blue geese were being painted and shipped all over the country! Art Ladehoff has a very simple and highly functional factory. He does one thing and does it well. He makes the worlds best decoys. Added to the famous Canada goose decoys including full bodies, floaters and the new shells are also field mallards and floating mallards as well. What you might not know is that Big Foot sells a ton of speckled belly full bodies as well as blue and snow geese. There were literally thousands of boxes being ready to be shipped while I was there. I watched part of the painting process, the packing and even some assembly. For you fellow BigFoot fans, a new web site is in the works as well as some other surprises.

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