Sunday, November 29, 2009

East Texas Update 11/29/09

Times have been hard around here the past few weeks. With what has felt like a constant south wind, and 70 degree days. The few big ducks we got early in the season have been long since shot out. Seeing on average only 30- 60 birds per morning outing. We have been killing wood ducks, and a few mallard, and gadwall in backwater river holes,and oxbows. Season closes here today for a 2 week split. Looks like a decent front coming through on Tuesday. I have noticed some wads of canvasbacks on big water the past week. 20-60 sized groups. In talking to friends up north, this front is moving some birds. With no pressure in OK. or TX. for two weeks fresh birds should hold, and have time to localize, which should make the opening weekend better than what we have seen so far. Good luck to all.

Shannon Smith

Flying Aces Duck Calls, and Guide Service

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