Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Southern Canandaguia Lake Update (not so good)

Hey guys my name is Jim Grove New York Prostaff. You can read my info on the prosatff page. Well the opening day of NY gun season for deer was not very good for me so i decided to go duck hunting with my cousin. We didn't get our river spot so we had to take on the lake. The ducks were flying but they went into the marshes behind us. We moved up the river but the water was low we couldnt get anywhere good so we called it a day. We went goose hunting a few days later 10 miles south of the lake. We shot eight three banded. We saw 300 geese but the all came at once which was too many eyes and they were a little scared to drop in so we shot the ones that landed. Thanksgiving day was unsuccessful for geese. I felt like an idiot when i saw a flock started to call them in then got the binos on them and saw they were seguls...There is only a couple days for ducks but i like late season more...But it is time to hit the geese hard the cold front is coming.

My Gear:
Remington 1100 12 ga
Blackcloud BBB
Big Foot Goose Decoys
Redhead Goose Shells
Mixed brands of mallards
Foiles Meat Grinder
Primos Honky Tonk
Flextone Double Reed Duck Call
Primos Over and Over Single Reed
Cabelas Interceptor Mobile 1 Layout Blind

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