Friday, December 4, 2009

12/4/09 Florida

Hello fellow waterfowlers. Chuck Echenique, Florida Prostaffer with Duck Junkies, writing in to give you the low down on birds in my home state. First phase was slow in many areas, although decent numbers of ringers and blue wing teal are here to be found. Opening day had us covered up in ringnecks and a few bluewings. The numbers decreases dramatically over the course of the 9 day season as more shooting meant more birds leaving the area. South Florida in and around Okeechobee and the Glades has plenty of birds if you know where to look, and more are showing up every day. The St. Johns River basin also has a good number of birds in spots and there's decent numbers of widgeon and pinners if you know what and where to look. West coast is void of most birds again as flight patterns seem to have changed permanently from traditional wintering near Chazhowitzka and Tampa Bay. we are seeing some scaup and ringnecks on the west coast, but no big numbers. The panhandle is showing signs of life and woodies are everywhere. With the big cold moving into the midwest this week and next, phase 2 should be smoking hot. We keep seeing great numbers coming in to the central and southern reaches of the peninsula. Still lots of black bellies and teal abundant, and mottleds are a staple all season. Good luck to all. See you guys on the marsh come Dec 12. For now, I'm off to KS, MO & IL to chase some greenheads and honkers. Shoot 'em in the lips boys!
Chuck Echenique
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