Monday, November 30, 2009

SE Oklahoma

Well we've reached the split here in Oklahoma. The first couple of weeks were amazing with thousands of ducks. Got limits of 30 and 24 on my two first hunts of the year. Since then it's been like someone just turned off the switch. Last couple of weeks have been rough to say the least. I would go out scouting and find 300 ducks one day, hunt em the next morning and see only 50 very uncooperative birds. Last hunt I scouted and jumped 50 mallards. Hunted the same hole the next morning and only saw maybe 15 with only 3 of em working into the decoys. The rest were to far out and not interested at all. It just goes to show when you think you got em figured out maybe they they got you figured out instead. Hopefully we get some cold weather up North moving some new ducks in. Second season is always better around here anyway.


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