Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Almost Turkey Time

With waterfowl season long gone and ice fishing about done, time to think turkey hunting and fly fishing here in Connecticut. Turkey season starts on April 28th this year and runs through the month of May. Hunters are allowed 2 bearded birds on state land and 3 bearded birds on private. Time to get the calls out and practice and make sure you pattern those shotguns. While scouting for turkey spots, I'm always on the lookout for new duck spots too.
The official date for the opening of trout season is April 17th although you can fish year round in the state trout management areas. There isn't much of a snow pack up north of us this year so unless we get a whole lot of rain this spring, the rivers should be manageable. Saltwater fly fishing is a wicked blast and if you ever get out this way, you should put it on your to-do list. A 15 to 20 pound striped bass on a fly rod?... need I say more.
So plenty of stuff to do until early goose opens up in September. I'm hoping to do some fishing up in Maine for some big brook trout and togue(wabanaki word for lake trout, that's what the Maine folk call em) and finally get a blind set up at my brother in-laws place for the October duck season.

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