Monday, March 1, 2010

Hanging It Up For The Year

Besides all of you Snow Goose hunters out there, by now your waterfowl season has passed by and it's time to pack away all the equipment until next season. I know first hand what a not so friendly feeling it is to have to put the equipment away, knowing it will be quite some time until it is loaded up in the truck or trailer again. While some might just pack all the decoys, blinds, and camo away only to worry about it next season, over the past few seasons I have been taking a different approach. When my season has ended, I spend a weekend cleaning off all my decoys, blinds, and any other equipment taken out into the field. I also use this time to make a list of anything that is broken or worn that is in need of repairs and replacement. This is also a good time to make a 'wish list' for the up and coming season. With my equipment stored away and my two list to stare at through the off season. I devote some free time in the months to come to repairs and new purchases. I found over the years that this process works better for me as opposed to getting all my equipment out a month before the season starts and having limited time to make repairs and new equipment purchases. Hopefully you also can avoid those 'last minute scrambles' to be prepared for your opening day.

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