Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well everyone id like to say im thankful for this past season as for one i had a great season and to the birth of our new baby girl. It wasn't easy by no means as there were some problems with the birth but all went and ended well now i have a new little huntress in the works along with her 5 year old sister.
As for the last week of the goose season here in Ontario with a 10 bird limit i am making the best of it using my long bow for the 2010 season which i have come to respect a little more since hanging up the shotgun for a year, the season runs until march the 6th and then its on to the turkeys which i know everybody is lookin forward to calling in a big o'le thunder chickin in to bow range or shotgun range.
I know some of u your season is over but u know its never really over inside because the next time your out and u seen a flock of birds flying over head you will still get that excitement inside of having birds lock up and committed and the sounds that fill a crisp cool morning on the water or in the field.
I wish everyone a safe and successful hunting year in 2010.

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