Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another one in the books

As another season draws to a close, some of us find ourselves staggering in the night trying to figure out what just happened. Why are we still waking up so early? Why are we still eyeballing every water hole we pass? And why for goodness sakes are we still blowing our calls while we're driving by ourselves? Yes..... it's really over. For now. But look on the bright side, Spring turkey is right around the corner! And don't forget the crows that need killin'! Now is the time that needs to be spent cleaning gear and putting things away until next season. Calls and decoys need to be stored, the dog needs a little break, and families need that time together that is often overlooked. Let's make the most of our time with the kiddos while we still can and get them involved with everything we do for our sport.

If you're here on the Texas gulf coast, your thoughts are probably wandering into the bays by now and rightfully so. Big trout are out there but it seems like nobody wants to go get them unless it's a "bluebird" day and all the conditions are just right. For the fisherman that is. As most of you know, now is prime time to be chasing the big girls and sometimes the conditions are less than comfortable. Well we just have to dig a little deeper and decide how much we really enjoy fishing! Just hang in there folks and keep plugging away. If fishing isn't your thing, just get outdoors because there's miles and miles of Texas that you still haven't seen!

Let me know what you'd like to see from my neck of the woods and don't hesitate to ask me here or shoot me an email. If I don't have the answers I can sure find out and maybe we'll both learn a thing or two in the process. As the Duck Junkies site grows bigger by the day, be sure and recommend it to a friend or two and we'll see how big this thing can get. Until next time..........

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